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Today’s fast paced work culture calls for a well-rounded professional who possesses the necessary skill sets to take on the various challenges that may present itself before him or her. While it goes without saying that a sound technical background is quintessential for a successful career, in most progressive companies, the onus these days is on the development of soft skills, which plays a vital role in professional success. EnterĀ Brainbridge Employability Enhancement School.

It is our strong belief that the human resource is the backbone of every business venture. To value it, to nurture it and to assimilate it into the organization’s culture is the single most effective way to maximize the potential inherent in it. With this belief, Brainbridge Employability Enhancement School commits itself to providing professional training that lays all emphasis on enhancing the inherent skills and aptitude of an individual thereby bringing out that winning edge in them.

Brain bridge Employability Enhancement School is a PVT Limited Company registered under the Companies Act 1956 at Cochin. Pushing aside the conventional training methodologies, our new age personality enhancement program is fully result oriented and targets the individual by analysing strengths and weaknesses and developing a tailor-made curriculum best suited to his or her capabilities and aptitude. Leveraging cutting edge personality development methods like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Effective communication and logical thinking, our program brings out tangible enhancements to the individual’s personality which allows them to shine in their chosen field. Through activities such as one-on-one interactions, demonstration and role play, we train them not only to become winners but also to gracefully accept defeat during those rare occasions.

Our faculty comprises of a distinguished line-up of professionals from all over India and abroad who come under all areas of expertise and impart their vast knowledge in general trades office administration and managerial skills essential to take up the responsibilities of a senior position in an enterprise or other highly sophisticated positions.

Who we are

Brainbridge Employability Enhancement School is the flag bearer for an on-going renaissance in the personality enhancement sector. Our pioneering program targets the core capabilities and skills of an individual and deploys a well-defined regimen that vastly enhances those abilities thereby laying a solid foundation to a successful career.

A candidate who decides to enrol himself in our organization has taken the first step towards a truly rewarding and successful career. At BEES, our program aims at developing the all-round abilities of an individual by imparting care, knowledge and equipping them with the necessary skills and techniques crucial to tackling the challenges of the modern workplace.

BEES also houses a highly proactive recruitment cell which stands apart from the rest of the crop because we completely ensure that not even a single individual leaves our premises without being fully equipped with the skills and abilities needed to succeed within the organization that recruits him or her. Our staff consists of some of the best minds in the business, that have made it their priority to impart their wisdom to those fresh young minds in our state-of-the-art training facility. These veterans command the helm of a very active R & D department that periodically conducts scientific studies on manpower material utilization, infrastructure review and financial restructuring of both small and large companies.

How we do it

As a part of its pioneering personality enhancement program, BEES utilizes some of the cutting edge techniques in the current market scenario which ensures that our candidates stand apart from the rest of the crop.

Right from the word ‘go’, the progress of a candidate is actively monitored through live video recording and put through comprehensive analysis. These recordings are later given to the candidate at the end of the course which allows for a thorough post training assessment. Various activities such as role playing with minute attention to body language, communication skills, voice modulations, leadership skills and presentation skills are also regularly conducted throughout the duration of the course. These activities are then reviewed and corrections are made in-situ with the help of the video handout.

We accept Undergraduates, Graduates and Post Graduates into our program which includes training in skills necessary to excel in senior profiles such as O&M, BPRE etc. Our program while all inclusive, can also be customized to meet a specific requirement.

Our areas of Expertise

BEES imparts a new age training program that focuses on nurturing the inherent capabilities and skills of an individual. Our state-of-the-art training facility is fully equipped with the latest innovations in the field of personality development which forms the bedrock for an academically stimulation experience. Our distinguished line-up of trainers makes sure that each candidate is given the right combination of training and grooming sessions which will benefit them greatly in the years to come.

Our Recruitment cell and R & D department ensures that the program is up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and the candidate are each given quality training that will greatly benefit them in their professional careers.

Our statistics are veritable proof that more and more companies are spending bigger amounts with each passing day towards advertisement and other related activities. While these activities maybe mostly seasonal, most companies possess extra man power which could be easily re-deployed internally. We also specialize in re-deployment based on individual skill sets and firmly believe that our candidates could be the best thing that could ever happen to your company. We will assess your company requirements and draw from a resource pool of highly capable professionals to locate the candidate who will best fit your profile.

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